FlareMaXEFW® – Energy from well

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FlareMaXEFW® – Energy From Well

FlareMaXEFW® is a modular, transportable, micro gas to power system specifically designed to power ESPs and Beam Pumps at remote locations. It utilizes natural gas recovered from local flare sites or from associated gas from the well itself or a combination of both to ensure security of supply. Natural gas is recovered from a two-phase separator, any H2S contamination is removed using micro sweetening units and gas conditioned to engine specification. Packaged engine generator sets with an installed capacity of 1 MW. Power is then distributed to VSDs servicing ESPs / Beam pumps or Reinjection pumps / compressors

FlareMaXEFW® is a fully engineered, modularized “plug and play” systems fully tailored to client requirements.

The “energy source in the well powers the well”

  • Utilization of natural associated / waste gas to lower emissions and convert into a value-added product
  • Packaged in 20’ / 40’ ISO containerized modular units, easy to deploy, easy to relocate
  • Custom made to client requirements
  • Low Investment, BOOT, DBOOM available
  • Elimination of diesel fuel costs
  • Removes requirement for costly overhead lines from centralized power plants
  • “Energy source from the well powers the well” therefore reliability and availability are vastly improved.
  • Gas Gen Sets require only 0.5 bar inlet pressure
  • Each Gen set requires 250m3/hr to 300 m3/hr Gas
  • Depending on Methane index 1 unit can produce 1 MW of power enough to power 2 off wellheads with 500kW ESPs or multiple beam pumps or combination of both
  • Gas Processing, conditioning, H2S removal is included as necessary using containerized micro equipment