FlareMaXGTP® – Gas to Power Generation

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FlareMaXGTP® – Gas to Power Generation

FlareMaXGTP® is a containerised Gas-To-Power unit based on the direct conversion of Natural, Associated and Flare Gas into electrical power.

Thanks to technological improvements in flare and natural gas generator engines, today's Oil and Gas companies are taking advantage of huge cost savings on fuel by utilizing these natural gas generators that burn raw flare gas as it comes out of the wellhead. Instead of burning-off this natural gas, having it essentially going to waste, it is being used to power the generators that in turn provide electrical power.

FlareMaXGTP® has a range of clean-burning, energy efficient flare gas generators. They are supplied in containerised modular units according to the client’s energy requirements.

Key Features & Benefits

  • 1,020kW nominally rated standard unit. Continuous Operation
  • Packaged in 20’ / 40’ ISO container. Easily relocated, compact and containerized design
  • Flare feed gas with varying composition can be used
  • Parallel operation with the addition of synchronization unit
  • Output voltage and frequency as per client’s requirements
  • Low CAPEX and OPEX. Optional hire agreement
  • Saving on diesel fuel costs