GATTI S.p.A. works in compliance with the current regulations on health, safety, the environment and quality. Before starting any project, the company makes preliminary assessments to identify any risks. The organised working system it has adopted is efficient and subject to continuous improvement


GATTI S.p.A. is an international company that, over the years, has evolved in the direction dictated by the market, stimulated by new and ambitious goals.
Thanks to internal policies and innovative choices, GATTI S.p.A. is now a true benchmark in its sector


The Company’s founder, Mr Giovanni Gatti started the business in 1960 by producing steel castings and supplying heavy steel machinery. Over the years, GATTI S.p.A. established itself in the business of Equipment, Components and Spare Parts for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Energy Industries


With a highly skilled team and important partnerships, GATTI S.p.A. can boast of having considerable industry-specific experience. The company always looks to the future, believing in constant research and in the importance of experimenting with the latest technologies



GATTI S.p.A. has considerable experience in all aspects of engineering as well as managing issues related to technical supplies. This is why it can deal with every technical element, from the feasibility study, conceptual design, basic and detailed engineering through to cost estimates


GATTI S.p.A. deals internally with all the aspects related to purchasing, logistics, selection of external suppliers, receipt and storage of goods, customs clearance, transport procedures and shipping. Coordination is crucial, to make the steps of each phase easier


Efficient financial support for guaranteed peace of mind. GATTI S.p.A. deals with all the financial, legal, technical and administrative aspects of the project. GATTI S.p.A. also carries out thorough risk and investment analyses and provides all the required guarantees and important advice when drawing up contracts


GATTI S.p.A. offers the following services: Pre-Sale (Feasibility Study, On-Site Survey, Pre-Engineering), Supply (Procurement, Testing, Packing, Logistics, Shipment), After-Sale (Erection Supervision, Supervision, Preventive Maintenance, Spare Parts Supply, On-Site Technical and Remote Assistance, Training)

International Contractor

Through our leading and strategic partners we integrate technologies to engineer, build, start up and maintain metallurgical, petrochemical and O&G plants


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Sport activity sponsorship – Michele Cuccu( Miky 22)

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