GATTI S.p.A. is a solid, well-established company with an innovative vision. The company is specialized in equipment, components and spare parts trading for the Metallurgical, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries. Expansion into the related sectors of Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management and Financing allows GATTI S.p.A. to offer its customer an extremely efficient service with complete solution and modular packages.


Doing your best is not enough! You have to be the best. A leading company is first and foremost one that fully respects the environment and protects it in all its operations. GATTI S.p.A. has obtained all the most important certification for Quality Management, Environmental Management, Health and Safety Management System, and compliance with established quality standards.


We are what we choose and GATTI S.p.A. chooses uncompromising quality. The company boasts a network of partners from all over the world–leading companies with outstanding experience in technical, mechanical and IT matters. GATTI S.p.A. selects its partners with great care and regularly carries out detailed inspections to maintain the highest quality standards and also offer its customers an additional guarantee of reliability.


As your one-stop shop, GATTI S.p.A. offers complete consultancy services and supervises all phases of engineering, supply and project management. Every technical aspect is meticulously dealt with, from the feasibility study to choosing the materials, suppliers and equipment. The company also deals in logistics and coordinates all resources. This is a boon to customers in terms of efficiency, time and money savings.