AirFanMaX® K-Series Alluminium Axial Fan – PATENTED

GATTI S.p.A holds the Intellectual Property Rights of a patent for the manufacture of K-Series aluminium axial fan with diameters ranging from 5 ft. to 16 ft. These are designed for application in factory assembled cooling towers and air-cooled heat exchangers.

K-Series fan blades, with the innovative «Aerotip» and the radius-cut inboard edge, have been designed for a high-power recovery providing excellent aerodynamic performance.
The resilient and damped connection of the fan blades to the hub guarantees that the fan will operate smoothly and silently without vibration.


  • Assembly of a complete fan in 15 minutes
    Blades can be fitted to the hub in any sequence
  • Blade pitch angles are factory pre-set to match customers’ actual duty points
  • No need to re-pitch blades after start-up due to reliable fan selection data
  • Easy fan diameter reduction for out-of-tolerance fan casings
  • Reduced vibrations transmitted to cooler structure
  • Variable Frequency Drivers (VFDS) can be used at any speed, except at the
    cooler structure’s natural frequency