GATTI S.p.A. has decided to operate under an lntegrated Environmental Quality and Safety Management System which conforms to the requisites of UNI EN ISO 9001 – UNI EN ISO 14001 -OHSAS 18001.
GATTI S.p.A. intends guaranteeing that current laws and provisions will be observed and that permanent preventive assessments regarding risks to the health of workers which could be caused by its processing processes on all production sites, will be carried out. lt shall also ensure that no negative consequences occur for individuals and the environment.
GATTI S.p.A. intends following an efficient organized work system aimed at ongoing improvement: therefore it will focus on ongoing training of its personnel, making them aware and responsible for the consequences of their work, allocating adequate human and financial resources to implementing this Policy and its Objectives; therefore, GATTI S.p.A. shall observe:
the following quality principles:

  •  to design and maintain a Quality Management System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 in order to increase production and organizational and commercial benefits;
  • to provide the necessary resources for the ongoing improvement of the efficacy of the Quality Management System;
  • complete and punctual definition of clients’ requirements (declared and implicit);
  • full satisfaction of clients’ requirements.
  • perfecting of working methodology in all production phases.
  • promotion of the improvements and innovation of offered products through the involvement of personnel and participation at courses, trade fairs and other activities;
  • satisfaction of compulsory requirements regarding products;
    the main principles for the environment in which it operates:
  • commitment to the protection of the surrounding environment;
  • commitment to the prevention of pollution;
  • commitment to the improvement of the health and safety conditions of its own operators, contractors and involved parties;
  • commitment to operating in an open and collaborative way with the local authorities of the sites where their operating activities are carried out, also through meetings, debates and information;
    the following principles for safety in work places and their healthy conditions:
  • ongoing improvement of the safety level for workers in carrying out their work
  • punctual observance of applicable laws and provisions
  • ongoing identification and assessment of the risks of prevention and protection measures
  • utilization of environmentally compatible products which are as least dangerous as possible
  • involvement of all personnel in achieving health and safety targets
  • reduction of the number of accidents and the prevention of industrial diseases
  • the allocation of adequate resources to implementing the safety management system.

GATTI S.p.A. intends setting an example in preventive management for all Companies in the sector. Therefore, the company commitment will extend to integration of the policies, programs and procedures linked to quality and safety and with all the operating and management activities of the Organization.
The Management shall re-examine and circulate this Policy periodically.