FlareMaXEOR™ – Enhance Oil Recovery

FlareMaXEOR™ is modular, transportable, Enhance Oil Recovery unit through nitrogen injection and it takes advantage of utilizing Natural, Associated and Flare Gas to power the FlareMaXEOR™ equipment with a huge cost savings on fuel.

Nitrogen has long been successfully used as the injection fluid for Enhance Oil Recovery (EOR) and widely used in oil field operations for gas cycling, reservoir pressure maintenance, and gas lift. Nitrogen is an economic alternative for oil recovery by miscible gas displacement.

FlareMaXEOR™ is supplied in containerised, modular units according to the client’s requirements.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Utilization of natural and associated/wasted gas to lower emissions and convert into a value-added product
  • Packaged in 20’ / 40’ ISO container and modular units. Easily relocated, compact and movable design
  • Custom made
  • Low investment
  • Saving on fuel costs
  • N2 generation with integrated back-up system