FlareMaXGTM – Flare Gas to Methanol

FlareMaXGTM is a small-scale modular flaregas-to-methanol conversion production plant (300 to 1000 MTPD).
A containerized solution is also available producing up to 300 MTPD.

It is designed in order to be low-cost, highly efficient facilities optimised to generate an attractive project rate of return.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates flaring in an economically feasible manner
  • Converts wasted gas into a value-added product
  • Decentralized concept lowers local emissions
  • Better utilization of available resources
  • Benefits from growing fuel and energy demand
  • Modular, compact and movable design to minimize site activities
  • Equipped with E&I components
  • Workshop tested (pressure test, FAT)
  • Truckable modules fitting most areas for transportation
  • Design according to ASME
  • Smart piping spool concept ensuring minimum site welds