FlareMaXLNG® – Gas To LNG

FlareMaXLNG® is modular Gas-To-LNG unit based on liquefaction of Natural, Associated and Flare gas into LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas).

FlareMaXLNG® is a solution for reducing the gas flaring of the existing and future production facilities using simple, cost effective, reliable and environmentally friendly technology. One of he advantages of having LNG is to supply gas where a physical pipeline which connect the gas plant to the grid is not feasible. This is the virtual pipeline concept which allow customers not connected to the gas grid to receive gas. 


Key Features & benefits

  • Eliminates flaring in an economically feasible manner 
  • Modular and compact 
  • Production of 100 ton/day* of LNG per 5 MMSCFD available (* depending on the feed gas quality as per applicable standard requirement)
  • Process and control system ease
  • Handling of composition and capacity of varying gas