“Impressionism and avant-garde” art exhibition

GATTI S.p.A. is the official sponsor of the Consular Corps of Milan and Lombardy

The Consular Corps of Milan and Lombardy organized a private visit to the exhibition “Impressionism and Avant-Garde" to admire the masterpieces of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, at the Palazzo Reale in Milan (Hall of Mirrors). Gian Luigi Gatti of GATTI S.p.A was also there to welcome the Latvian delegation, who were the guests of honour (Il Giorno, Tuesday May 22 2018).

“Impressionism and Avant-Garde" Art Exhibition – Private visit by the Consulate

Yesterday at 6.30 pm at the Palazzo Reale (Sala degli Specchi), Milan, the Consular Corps of the Milan and Lombardy Region organised a private visit to the art exhibition featuring masterpieces from the Philadelphia Museum of Art entitled “Impressionism and Avant-Garde".

Patrizia Signorini, Vice-Dean and Secretary General of the Milan and Lombardy Region Consular Corps and Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia attended the exhibition.

The exhibition, which runs from March 8 to September 2, is showing 50 masterpieces from one of the most important and historical American museums. This exhibition, which is set up to ensure that every single exhibit can be admired, provides the opportunity to view the work of the greatest artists of the 19th and 20th centuries from their most productive periods.

This exhibition forms part of a series of exhibitions entitled ‘Museums of the world at the Palazzo Reale’ which was first inaugurated in 2015 and exhibits the world’s most important collections, some of which are rarely seen.