Milan celebrates Latvia’s 100th anniversary

21 June 2018 admin 0 Comment

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The 100th anniversary of the Republic of Latvia was celebrated in Milan. The celebrations were held at the Società del Giardino in Milan – (Il Giorno – Saturday 7 April 2018)

The vice President of the Eurpoean Commission at the Società del Giardino

Hundred years a Republic : Milan celebrates Latvia

Latvia’s birthday is on the 18th November and Milan is already celebrating its’ hundred years as a Republic. The Società del Giardino is hosting a big event in honour of Valdis Dombrovskis, the vice President of the Eurpoean Commission and Prime Minister of Latvia from 2009 up to 2014. “We celebrate hundred years and also our independence, Italy has always supported us" he stated.
There are close ties with Milan also in the arts world to cite just one example: Alvis Hermanis directed Madame Butterfly at La Scala.

Our friendship and cooperation unite us" stated the Mayor Giuseppe Sala, “not to mention the 50 thousand Italian tourists that visited Latvia in 2017
The Regional Governor of Milan, Luciana Lamorgese, also addressed the audience, stating that, “Our two Republics are united in the principles of democracy, which should be valid for all of Europe“.